Hire / Rental of floor sanding machines in Berlin

You need professional advice on sanding your floorboards and parquet floors in Berlin?


Then you have come to the right place. We will advise you from beginning to the end.


If you hire floor sanding machines to sand your floorboards or parquet yourself or if you wish the sanding to be done by one of our professionals. 

Save 5% - Order the sander set 1 online or fill in the contact form to carry out the work, and become a fan of our Facebook page www.facebook.com/Parkettschleifmaschinenverleih.Berlin 

We offer you the sanding machines in Berlin in the following set:

Sander set 1

  • Floor Sander
  • Edge Sander
  • OSH (ear protectors, knee pads, goggles)
  • Accessories (cable, chisels, special profile to hammer the nails)

  7,50 € per day incl. delivery

12.50 € for the weekend incl. delivery


Sealing + sandingpaper according to consumption

The average square meter price is 6 € (rent for the sander set 1, sanding paper, sealing and delivery). Only the used sanding paper is paid, the remainder is withdrawn at no extra cost. Reserve here. The remainder is taken away at no extra cost.

Free delivery for the sander set 1 in Berlin

We deliver within Berlin and Potsdam for free the Sander set 1 from 7,50 € per day consisting of floor sanding , angle , workplace safety and accessories and advise you on the spot about execution and handling of sanding . Locally, we advise you specifically how to sand and seal your floorboards and parquet best .

( We don´t only deliver the sander set 1 but also help of course carrying the machines ) .

Contact us and call us at 030-51632374 in to clarify the following questions:

  • Is your floor to sand?

  • What does the sander set contain or what you need?

  • How do you seal your floor? Oil or paint?

  • What costs will you be facing?

  • How long you will need about for sanding and sealing work?


Other useful and detailed videos about individual procedures than sanding instructions, see here:


Arrange an appointment 2-3 days in advance for the day you would like to order the sanding machines. If we can, we will deliver the same day or following day.

Districts, where we deliver to in Berlin:


Adlershof  | Britz  | Buckow  | Charlottenburg  | Dahlem  | Falkensee  |

Friedenau | Friedrichshagen  | Friedrichshain  | Frohnau  | Gatow  | Karlshorst  | Kleinmachnow  | Köpenick  | Kreuzberg  | Lichtenberg  | Lichtenrade  | Mitte  | Moabit  | Niederschönhausen  | Neukölln  | Oberschönweide  | Pankow  | Potsdam  | Prenzlauer Berg  | Reinickendorf  | Rudow  | Schmargendorf  | Schöneberg  | Siemensstadt  | Steglitz  | Spandau  | Tegel  | Tempelhof  | Tiergarten  | Treptow  | Wedding  | Weissensee  | Wannsee |  Wittenau  | Zehlendorf


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