Instructions for sanding floorboards & parquet and oiling & painting

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Sanding guide to sand floorboards and parquet
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What you need before you start sanding

Upon delivery of the floor sanding machine in Berlin you get on site a detailed introduction to the handling of the sanding machines.

The following utensils and tools should be available or are already included in the sander set.

  • Chisel and a screwdriver with a wide blade and wooden wedge to remove the baseboards.
  • Hammer and profile to sink protruding nails.
  • Screws or nails to fasten loose beams wooden sticks and belts
  • Broom, dustpan and vacuum cleaner to clean the floor.
  • Fixed garbage bags.
  • Glue and putty to fill of nail holes.
  • Work clothes and protection, such as dust masks, ear protection, safety goggles and kneepads.

Hammering in the nails

Before you start sanding the floorboards you have to hammer in the nails in order not to damage the sanding paper or the belt of the sanding machine. Redo it after you did sand the floorboard with grit 16 and 24 with the nails you coulnd´t see before.

Video: Sinking nails

How to use a floor sanding machine

Slowly move the floor sander forward and then let the sanding drum slowly down to the floor. Just before you get to the wall, pull the the drum up again, go back and let the drum again slowly down to the floor. At the end of the room move the drum upwards again and move the floor sander half a track. The process is repeated until you have reached the end of the room. Rotate 180 degrees and sand the rest of the floor.

Video: Handling of a floor sanding machine using a Lägler

How to change sanding paper of a floor sanding machine Lagler Profit, ELF or FG Tornado. Lay the sanding machine carefully to the side. Take the old sanding paper out. Grit and sanding direction you find inside. Push it onto the drum. That´s it.

Video: How to change the sanding paper of a floor sanding machine

Video: How to use the edge sander

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