Price calculator: Sanding floorboards and parquet in Berlin

Sanding of

Squaremeter___: Floorboard with paint (Ochsenblut)

Squaremeter___: Floorboard with old sealing

Squaremeter___: Floorboard, new

Squaremeter___: Parquet

Squaremeter___: Industrial floor

Number_______: Stairs / Tread

Number_______: Stairs / Tread and Riser

Sealing of

Squaremeter___: Acrylic waterbased paint, satin

Squaremeter___: Acrylic waterbased paint, highpolish

Squaremeter___: Hard oil

Squaremeter___: Hard oil + Wax

Squaremeter___: Le Tonkinois, satin

Squaremeter___: Le Tonkinois, highpolish

Addition jobs

Squaremeter___: cleaning floorboard gaps

Squaremeter___: filling nails holes

Number_______: small doors sills

Number_______: big door sills

Number_______: Replace oven corner with new floorboards

Number_______: Replace oven corner with old floorboards

Number_______: Replace oven corner with parquet

Price € (without taxes)

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